How To Order Online

How To Order Online

We know ordering formal dresses online can be difficult, especially in regards to choosing the right size to achieve the fit you want.

We've developed the below step-by-step procedure to assist in making each of our customers' experience as seamless as possible.

Step One: Email us at with the style number, colour and approximate size that you are after. Please also inform us of the date you plan on wearing the dress, that way we can ensure we have enough time to deliver.

Step Two: One of our staff will contact you and collect any information you may have forgotten to provide in your email. 

Step Three: We will guide you in taking your measurements, confirming what size will provide the best fit for you taking into consideration the material of the dress.

Step Four: Following the confirmation of size, will check our stock and the stock of the designer (if a back order is required) to ensure the dress will be available within the delivery window you've provided.

Step Five: Once we've established all of the above, we will send you an invoice via email where you can submit your order and pay.

Step Six: Once we receive your dress, we will send it out to you immediately.

Step Seven: Tag us on Instagram with your look so we can feature you on our page! 

For any questions regarding our returns policy, please visit the returns tab.