To get more use out of their bridal dresses, women all across the world are "bringing out the dress" at wedding dress parties. These are get-togethers where girlfriends throw a themed bash and everyone there, you guessed it, wears their wedding dresses!
This is a hip and new trend, and our team at Villoni couldn't be more excited about it!
After all, brides invest a lot of time, energy, love, and creativity into their wedding dresses. Bridal gowns are the attire that most women will wear on the most important day of their lives! Why should such stunning dresses only be worn once?
To get more use out of their unique dresses and to relive some of the nostalgia and memories that are attached to the dresses, girls are getting together with their friends, having cozy nights in or fun nights out, (or maybe even going on wild adventures!) But no matter what they do, they're doing it in their wedding dresses!
It seems wasteful to only wear a beautiful dress once. The bride put a lot of effort into the dress, and the dressmaker did too! At Villoni, we love to see girls getting dressed up in their bridal gowns, even years after the wedding! It's a nostalgic moment for us too, because we get to see dresses we made or fitted years ago be brought out and enjoyed again.
Another perk of wedding dress parties is that they're quite easy to plan. All you need are the wedding dresses. Everything else just falls into place!
Wedding dress parties can also be a great way to relive a wedding in a fun and sexy dress and maybe get a second chance to enjoy the dress a little more, (especially if your wedding was a tad on the stressful side).


If you'd like to throw a wedding dress party for you and your gals, Villoni can make this party spectacular. Remember, size, colour, and style are the three most important aspects to a great wedding dress, so if your wedding dress no longer fits you, we can take care of the size aspect by resizing it for you. And if you want to enhance the colour or style a bit to make your dress more fitting with the times, we can help you there too!
Another point to consider is this. You may have some single hens who want to join the party, but who don't have a dress. We offer great rates on certain wedding dresses! Tell your single friend it will be a great future investment for her!


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December 10, 2020 — Sascha Wuerfel