Bridesmaids must have an appointment to be able to come for a fitting. We understand this is a very important time in your life and we want to make it as pleasurable as possible. 

With that in mind, you must bring all the bridesmaids with you, we will not be accepting half a group at a time. Here is an example why we require all bridesmaid to be present:

Sally has 4 bridesmaids and only 2 can come for a fitting. Sally and the 2 bridesmaid find a style they all agree on and love. Later on, the other 2 bridesmaids decide to come and decide they don't like the style Sally and her other 2 bridesmaid chose. 

Not only does this cause a headache for Sally but also for the staff in store, especially if Sally put a deposit down on the original dresses we may have ordered and now they have to change.

Please understand if you book a bridesmaids fitting and not all your bridesmaid are in attendance you will be denied your booking.